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The show started as an audio love letter back to the industry that had given me so much, and the brothers and sisters who I admired and respected so much!

While it was fun and challenging, I noticed something going on in the culinary craft & the fraternity of cooks and chefs that I have dedicated my life to that had me scratching my head.

Many of the other chefs & culinarians I was meeting were – in a word – miserable.

Somewhere between their career aspirations and the realities of the business they had gotten used to surviving their job. What made matters worse is that they continually collected evidence of why their jobs, bosses, co-workers, and even their guests sucked.

I remembered when I used to feel the same way

I remembered how I used to medicate myself from the PTSD of service, how I used to disassociate myself from my loved ones. I remembered how frustrated I was and how resigned I had once been that nothing was ever gonna change.

Too many of my brothers & sisters were suffering.

Some left the career field, some even took their own lives.

That’s when I decided to do something about the current state of the culinary culture.

What once was just a gag, turned into a platform where Guest Chefs who had something really important to say came to lay out their ideas about how to make this a culture we all can be really proud of. That, and some really great music too.

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"We at Chef Life Radio believe that:

Working in a kitchen should be demanding, it shouldn’t have to be demeaning.

It should be hard, just doesn’t have to be harsh.

We believe that it’s possible to have more solidarity and less ‘suck it up sunshine’. 

More Compassion and less Cut Throat Island.

We believe in more partnership and less ‘put up or shut up’.

More family, less fuck you. " 

In 30 + years in the culinary field, under many daunting conditions and have made every possible mistake there is to make, I have gained some expertise over the technical aspects of our business but where I excel – and where I hope to assist you –  is my mastery of the soft skills so essential to any chef’s success in today’s market.

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Stand tall & frosty brothers & sisters - we are all in this together.


Adam M Lamb