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Chef Life Radio is dedicated to inspiring professional chefs working towards a more equitable and sustainable culinary culture.

I'm your host, Adam Lamb, and over my 30-year career as a chef and hospitality professional, I have coached and mentored thousands of culinarians who've gone on to lead lives of contribution, community, and authentic leadership. Let me be your guide on this journey together, looking for solutions and perspectives to some of the biggest issues impacting the hospitality industry, our lives, and our careers today.

In each episode, you'll hear stories from chefs leading the way, making courageous changes in their leadership and relational styles for stronger organizations and communities. I'll also be talking to leaders in the fields of transformational leadership, community building, emotional and operational intelligence, equitable relationships, health, and mental wellness to pass along to you the skills, tips, and tricks that will assist you on the journey towards a more enjoyable career, a more fulfilling life, more happiness, and a lot less stress. Oui Chef?

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May 4, 2021

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