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On the Dock with Kris Hall of The Burnt Chef Project

July 25, 2022

2 (No episode number) Another Bonus Episode of Chef Life Radio's ongoing series, "On the Dock," with the founder of The Burnt Chef Project, Kris Hall. It's time to get raw and vulnerable with Kriss Hall. "Understand that if …

Kris Hall of The Burnt Chef Project

July 25, 2022

2 3 Kris Hall, the founder of the Burnt Chef Project, joins us to discuss his work in making the hospitality industry a safer and more sustainable place for everyone. Hear how the project makes a difference and learn what yo…

Chef Life Radio: Line Check - Chef Life Radio: Line Check

July 6, 2022

What we're about and what you can expect This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - Podtrac - Chartable - https:…

Line Check - Agency - Line Check

July 5, 2022

1 1 Line Check - Agency [00:00:00] Time check it's 30 minutes for service and it's time for your line check. Welcome back to the show. Agency ( noun ) The capacity of an individual to actively and independently choose and t…

Less Chef Stress Mental Health Leadership

On The Dock with Chef Maria Campbell

Sept. 17, 2021

On The Back Dock with Chef Maria Campbell 00:29 - Welcome to On the Dock with Maria Campbell 01:10 - How bad did it get during COVID? 05:28 - How are you actively engaged in self-care? 09:45 - What are you looking forward to…

Less Chef Stress Mental Health Wellness Leadership

Stress? What Stress? Chef Maria Campbell

Sept. 17, 2021

Chef Life Radio S2 – E2: Stress – What Stress? Chef Maria Campbell Show notes Maria Campbell is a chef and co-founder of Cooks Who Care, a Philly-based organization that supports the well-being of people working in all facet…

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This year may very well be a pivotal year for your culinary career. The U.S. Department of Labor still paints a rosy picture for chefs and food service …

How NOT to Hire a Kitchen Crew

[Disclaimer: I should preface this piece by saying upfront that I have no formal training as a Human Resources Professional nor do I hold any degrees…

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Adam Lamb

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I'm your host, Adam Lamb, and over my 30-year career as a chef and hospitality professional, I have had some amazing and fulfilling experiences.

I have also made some monumental mistakes. Even at the height of my culinary success, I couldn't figure out why I was so unhappy and pissed off at almost everyone, almost all the time.

Somewhere along my journey, I forgot why I became a culinarian.

But if my mess is my message, then know that - no matter where you find yourself right now - you too can become the best version of yourself, regardless of the story you tell yourself.

I am committed to assisting you to remember why you fell in love with this craft and fraternity in the first place, just like I did.

You'll learn some valuable insights and perspectives that will support your self-awareness, self-mastery, and, believe it or not, your own self-love and self-respect.

In 'The New Kitchen Culture', you have a part to play. We can't do it without you.

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