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To be part of The Crew means that you stand for something different, something better for all of us. Thanks for choosing to support the show and its mission to change the current culinary career culture, from the inside out.

Each one of us has a right and responsibility to lead - and it doesn't matter what it might say on your jacket. 

Because I value your faith in me by becoming a paid member of 'The Chef Life Radio Crew' in good standing, not only do you get access to the entire back catalog of our shows, but you also get a monthly live-streamed private episode of  'Ask Me Anything' as well as very special 'On The Dock' editions of every interview we do where we get raw, real and vulnerable about the challenges we face in this craft we all love so much, and some failures and successes meeting those challenges.

If you choose the yearly option, then you'll also get a FREE Chef Life Radio T-Shirt mailed to your door.

We're all in this together, and I don't know about you but I won't stand for one more FB post about another "chef gone too soon". Let's see what's possible in the community and in The Crew.

Thanks for stepping into the circle!