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Sept. 7, 2022

Programming Note to Our Loyal Listeners

Programming Note to Our Loyal Listeners
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A quick programming note; over the last several months, we've added two new shows to the Realignment Media podcast network. They've been such a hit with our listeners that we've decided to give them their very own slot.

You can find "Line Check," a short form podcast about culinary leadership for the #newkitchenculture, by clicking here.

And "Turning the Table," a round table discussion about staff-centric solutions for today's most pressing restaurant problems, sponsored by Benchmark Sixty.

You can find "Turning the Table" by clicking this link.

Please follow, like and subscribe to the shows, and please leave us a review - it really does help others find the show.

Thanks for being such a loyal Chef Life Radio listener. We so appreciate the support!

Stand tall & frosty, brothers and sisters.

Be well & do good.

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